5 Simple Ways to Support Earth Day

by : admin

Talking about Earth Day is easy but you know what’s even easier? Participating in it! It’s the simple choices you make throughout the day – choosing a reusable container rather than wasting another plastic cup, cutting your shower 5 minutes shorter, hanging your laundry instead of running it through the dryer…you get it. You have the opportunity to make the wise choice many times in a day.


This year, we want you to set long-term goals for yourself, and use Earth Day as the starting point.


Finding ways to produce our products in a sustainable way is a vision we have for the big picture of our company, it is something we set our sights on and work towards every day. We make small and large choices that we hope will create a big impact over time. Join us in this plan – below are 5 easy ways to start:


  1. Take a day off from energy consumption – make it a weekly thing. Walk, bike, skip the dryer, hand wash the dishes, read a book instead of turning on the TV, etc. even if it’s just one day a week. Once you start, you’ll find yourself opting out of things more and more often.
  2. Shop sustainable – we are extremely proud of our recover® collection. It’s worth taking a deep dive to learn more about the products by watching this video. Each t-shirt uses less than 1% of water of the average t-shirt to produce and the fabric is 100% recycled.  (BONUS – recover items are 25% off* this week in Celebration of Earth Day! Shop them HERE. Offer ends 4/23/17.)
  3. Take Action: Support your national parks. A group we love, Parks Project, hosts park cleanups, has products that give back to our national parks, and they provide how-tos for you to get a park cleanup of your own started.
  4. Plant a tree! Not a nature buff or “don’t have enough time”? The Canopy Project makes it simple for you to plant trees around the world in one click with just one dollar.
  5. The most important thing you can do is stay educated and share information. posts educational materials on their blog all year round about how you can help contribute positively to the planet.


The concept is simple but the impact is powerful – Earth Day is a day to acknowledge what you’re doing but set long-term goals, too. Think of your impact on a global scale. Use Earth Day as an excuse to break a habit or participate but realize how simple it is to work sustainable efforts in to your day-to-day.



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