US Blanks Festival Survival Guide

by : admin

It’s almost too easy to make a rookie mistake at a music festival. Being overwhelmed by excitement, blaring music, hoards of people, and all the vibes for over 12 hours gets to even the best of us. US Blanks has supported many a concert/festival through our products so we like to believe we’ve become somewhat experts at planning for those long festival days. Thus, our fool-proof tips on how to survive. Are they obvious? Maybe…but gentle reminders never hurt anyone.

It all starts with the outfit. We’re focused on the right tan lines with a touch of comfort, obviously, so you’ll spot us in this bodysuit (ladies), this tank top (gentlemen), or our fave supersoft cotton T (everyone) and… a fanny pack. Don’t laugh, just trust us here – fannies are the perfect size for lugging around AND leave your arms free for crowd participation and self-expression (dancing). Now, a strategic list of the day’s top 10 supplies that will fit in your festival pack:


  1. First and foremost: your tickets and ID. Double. Triple. Super check that you have them. No one wants to be the person that gets all the way to the entrance empty handed.
  2. Sunscreen! Pack it but, way more importantly, REAPPLY it. Every hour. Start a reapplication chain and keep the whole crew safe from sunburns!
  3. SPF lip balm – so the next week you’re not sitting back at your desk like “I can’t for the life of me figure out why my lips are so chapped”. It’s because they get sunburned, too, and it ain’t pretty.
  4. Along those sun-exposure-prep lines, pack a hat – bonus points for a 360 brim but a baseball hat will do just fine and clips-on to your all-in-one bag (aka fanny pack).
  5. Is anyone else obsessed with those portable phone-powered fans? We started and now we can’t stop. Plus they are ideal for waiting in a crowd for your fave act to start.
  6. Portable battery charger – only thing worse than your phone dying at a festival so you can’t reach the 1,000 friends you told you’d hang out with is waiting at the charging stations.
  7. Prevent those “I’ve literally been standing ALL DAY” aches complaints – pain reliever to-go packs are so necessary ~2 hours before you’re going to call it a night. You’ll thank us in the morning.
  8. Sanitation supply – wipes, for your hands or the bathroom –you’re gunna need em.
  9. Emergency travel poncho because it’s the worst when a storm hits but no one likes to plan for it.
  10. Water. Hydrate, hydrate, and then hydrate again. Best rule of thumb is to fill up anytime you pass a water receptacle. Finish whatever is in your bottle and refill as often as you can.


…have fun out there!


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